New Year, New Thoughts.

I haven’t written anything significant in a while. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time just listening – to podcasts, books, etc. And feeling like I just needed some time to focus on lots of other things. But I recently found all my writing from growing up, and though I would NEVER write that way on the public internetz, I do think having a space to talk about thoughts more coherently might be interesting. So. Here I am. Back again. Maybe writing some things in earnest. I think I also felt a bit limited in my freedom of expression because of work. I didn’t really want to be open about what I was thinking. But I am more settled in my job, and feel like it’s totally reasonable for me to, in my own personal space, write about what I think.

It is a sad, sad time. I’m overwhelmed still be how the election has felt, and I don’t think it’s possible to fully comprehend the impact this will have on the world. It feels like 70,000 Americans fucked over the world. Of course, it is more than that, because really, it’s everyone who voted for he-who-shall-not-be-named. I am still somewhat hopeful that things will not be as bad as I fear they will. But that hope is limited by my realism. I’m not even sure how bad things will get. I’m not sure how it will impact me personally, nor how it will impact other peoples’ individual lives. I’m angry with Republicans for failing to stand up to incompetence, and the whole system feels like it is broken. I believe in the idea and ideals of America, but honestly, I’m not certain I believe in the structure of the government.

I think I will feel sad for a very long time about what we could have had under a President Hillary Clinton – someone who is so smart, hard working, thoughtful. Someone who listens. A woman. And it’s not because she’s a woman that I supported her, and wish she’d have won, it’s that she would have been an incredible progressive leader. But while I’m scared about what will happen, and it is frustrating, I am hopeful about the movement I’ve seen, hopeful about how many people are outraged, hopeful that we can make it through this, stronger. That we can bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice, so to speak. I am anxious to be a part of that, to do the personal work around it, and shape my own life in a way that reflects my values.

A New Look!

It’s been a while. But I decided that since I work in digital marketing, I should make my site mobile friendly. So, here we are! A new, refreshed look. Same old content. With this election over, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do, how I want to move forward and hold myself accountable, so I may write more often. But for now, at least the site is a bit more pleasant to look at.

“Solving” the Poverty and “Secret Millionare”

I’m sitting around enjoying my Sunday afternoon. I enjoyed some quality (ahem) reality show America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 2.0 (with boyz!!), but I was all caught up, so there was only one episode. And I had a sleeping roommate on me, so I was too limited in my movement* to read articles, so I began exploring Hulu in search of other great shows (previous contenders have included House Hunters, but also Holidate, whose contract with Hulu has sadly expired). I had heard of Shark Tank and was sort of curious about it, since I’m getting to be a bit more interested in start ups, start up culture and the mechanics behind investment in them. Perhaps this show is a good way to explore that, even though it’s still reality. It was interesting, and I discovered that I MUST FIND THESE SWEET BALLZ, but there was also only one episode. Hulu recommended to me a show I had not heard of, ABC’s Secret Millionaire. So I watched the first episode.

I’m so conflicted. Continue reading

A Recommendation of the Literary Kind

So, after illustrating how older folks are racist, I wanted to discuss one of the best books I’ve read in a while, called Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do by Claude M. Steele.

The masterfully written book walks the reader step-by-step through his and other prominent behavioral psychologist’s research on what he calls “stereotype threat,” which, by Steele’s definition is the threat of “being at risk of confirming, as self-characteristic, a negative stereotype about one’s group.Continue reading

Back to the Dominican Republic

Hey y’all. I’m headed back to the Dominican Republic (DR, as it is affectionately known), and I am super excited. Hoping for a chance to chill out and recharge a little, which would be awesome. I’m definitely in a place where I want to really process all the crazy changes that I’ve had in my life in the past 6 months, and also think about the future and how I want to proceed. Exciting, but I’m looking forward to having a chance to sort of pause and take a step back. No whirlwind, just chill. I may even bring a written journal…wouldn’t THAT be novel!

Anyway, I am certainly looking forward to taking some beautiful photos (hopefully) and sharing those, but otherwise, probably won’t be sharing too much on here. Mostly just conversing with folks in Spanish and flexing that muscle, and maaaaybe swimming with some dolphins?? One of my bigger goals this trip because I didn’t do that last time (dumb!).

Until next time!

Site Migration 2013!

So, you may have tried to visit and not been able to get the site up and running. Or maybe no one reads. But I migrated my server, which ended up being a LOT more eventful than I had anticipated. Hrm. But after an incredibly aggravating last 24 hours, I think I’m FINALLY back where I started, with a working server, but hopefully a better one. The world is my oyster, or something.

I will probably be making changes to the way the site looks, just because I’m trying to learn some more development & programming stuff, and here’s the place I get to play, right? Very exciting times for me. It’s something I’ve really wanted to do for quite a while, and now I am in a place professionally where it makes even more sense. So. I’m super excited. Journey, let’s go!

New Fonts!

Hi readers,

I’m doing a little playing around with my site, just to get it to be a bit cozier. I may even change the theme some time soon…but just a head’s up that if you have any comments about the ability to read the font or anything (any difficulties), just shoot me an email, at shan at shantakesonlife dot com. Would love to hear from you!