Almost Home

I am so tired, but content.

Today marks the beginning of the end of my trip. I’m sick, exhausted, and so ready to be home, but it was awesome. My trip from Munich to Amsterdam was a bit crazy–my friends I stayed with in Munich had a big party on Saturday night, and I had a train out on Sunday morning, at 7:30am. I missed the stop where I was supposed to switch trains because I thought it was the same train with a 40 minute layover (and then it started moving 5 minutes later…), but it ended up getting me there 30min earlier and to the actual station where I was meeting up with my dad, so that was convenient, it turned out. We stayed in a boat in Amsterdam, which was pretty awesome, minus the limited internet access (only in the lobby, which closed at 10:30pm). Amsterdam was beautiful–I was really struck by that, the canals, and SO MANY BICYCLES. Pretty awesome. We went to the Rijksmuseum, which did a wonderful job of contexualizing the artwork historically. Fantastic. We also went to the Anne Frank House, and apparently got super lucky because other folks told me later that there’s usually a huge line and that it was really expensive, but it took us about 20 minutes to get in and cost about $12. So…I thought that was pretty fine. And the exhibit and getting to see the actual place where she hid out with her family is pretty remarkable and powerful.

After a few pleasant but cold and rainy days in Amsterdam, dad & I took a train to a boat to a train to a subway to arrive in London. The boat was overnight, massive, and we had to wake up at 5:30am to get ready and off the boat super early. Which is fine. Except that I was still pretty sleep deprived I think from the Munich–>Amsterdam travel. Nevertheless, we made it to the site-seeing portion of the trip, which you can see proof of here:

DSC_0369london, phone booth, tourism

Pretty fun. You can see more photos as well.

Dad & I got to meet up with my sister as well, which was pretty awesome, and saw a production of the Tempest at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.

London, Globe Theater, Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

After all that jazz, dad & Lacey left for greener pastures (Ireland) and I met up with folks from the London office, which was fantastic. A couple of them opened their house to me, and so I got to hang out with them a bit more. I intended to fly out on Saturday morning, but later in the evening on Friday when I checked so see how the flight load were, it looked like coming back on Sunday was a better option. So I stayed another night, and exactly one week after the Munich incident, found myself not sleeping again on a Saturday night. I’m starting to feel quite sick (stuffy nose), so I’m hoping that I can make up for some of the sleep this evening. But I got on the flight, and Delta was awesome as always. I even got to sit in first class, which was fabulous, and I actually got to sleep, which was seriously brilliant.

So I have made it to Boston, and even got to hang out with my friend, Ryan, which was great. And not I’m just messing with photos, enjoying having my computer back (!!!) and listening to music. Delightful. I am excited to get back to learning some SEO stuffs tomorrow and Tuesday, and then returning to NYC on Wednesday. And here is a relatively comprehensive list of things I forgot on this trip:

  • Power adapter for my computer (NYC)
  • Face cream (Stockholm)
  • makeup remover (Munich)
  • my stop on the train (Köln)

Oy. There are things worth more than stuff, right?

But really, I have never been more excited about going home and getting back to something normal. I might even try to cook when I get back to New York…radical!

Much, much love.