Back to the Dominican Republic

Hey y’all. I’m headed back to the Dominican Republic (DR, as it is affectionately known), and I am super excited. Hoping for a chance to chill out and recharge a little, which would be awesome. I’m definitely in a place where I want to really process all the crazy changes that I’ve had in my life in the past 6 months, and also think about the future and how I want to proceed. Exciting, but I’m looking forward to having a chance to sort of pause and take a step back. No whirlwind, just chill. I may even bring a written journal…wouldn’t THAT be novel!

Anyway, I am certainly looking forward to taking some beautiful photos (hopefully) and sharing those, but otherwise, probably won’t be sharing too much on here. Mostly just conversing with folks in Spanish and flexing that muscle, and maaaaybe swimming with some dolphins?? One of my bigger goals this trip because I didn’t do that last time (dumb!).

Until next time!