Learning Joomla, CSS & Traveling in 2014

I’ve been working on some new projects, primarily looking at really working to understand CSS & Joomla a lot better. I’d REALLY like to be able to basically do any front end web design that I want to do, and I always feel like I’m so so so close, but don’t understand with quite the depth that I really want to. So, I’ve been doing the CodeAcademy lessons on HTML & CSS, most of which I already knew, but the whole class & ID information was really all I needed. Plus understanding that I could actually specify, even without an ID or Class, which tag I wanted a certain CSS part to impact. It is interesting, and I’ve definitely gotten somewhere, just messing around. Can’t wait to actually develop something cool…I may just try to code something from scratch on my site here…if I do, I’ll be sure to share.

I have completely fallen off the updates wagon, but life has also been crazy. So…just to go over where I’ve traveled, along with each trip’s purpose, just this year:

  1. Sweden
    • wedding
  2. London
    • on the way to a wedding
  3. Chicago (x 10)
    • visiting boyfriend & family
  4. San Francisco
    • work
  5. Green Bay, WI (driving from Chicago)
    • wedding
  6. Washington, DC (bus)
    • visit friends & family
  7. Niagara Falls (driving from NYC)
    • vacation!
  8. Boston
    • work
  9. Framingham, MA (driving from NYC)
    • work
  10. Chapel Hill, NC
    • visiting family
  11. Amherst, MA (driving from NYC)
    • visiting family
  12. Cincinnati, OH (driving from NYC)
    • wedding

I don’t think I’ve even talked about any of those trips. Phew. I’m tired just like, writing that list. I think that’s everything, but seriously. I’m also going back to Chicago again, AND driving to North Carolina again, this year. I may even go back to Framingham again. So. much. traveling. I do like it…I just am a bit tired. It’d be nice to just not travel for a while, maybe?