Update on Things I am Doing This Month

I made a list of things I’m doing this month, and I wanted to quickly update.

I actually DID clean!!! Continuing to run has still been a struggle, but I’m doing it.  I really am.  Promise.  I am going to improv classes, and last night was brilliant.  I’ve definitely been tweeting. That’s been fun.  I have my Google Reader down to about 30, which is good, and started going through the Instapaper articles.  Still a project…..

Working on Downton Abbey, but it only comes out every week!  So far I’m on top of it.

Additionally, I had a wonderful conversation with my big brother and am really looking forward to some quality family time and awaaay from work.  Also planning a trip to Dominican Republic in a couple weeks?? Guess that “getting more shit done” will have to delay a month…good thing I’m doing so well on the others!

<3 Shan