The Trip Home (or at least back to Chapel Hill)

So, I am finally safe & sound, stateside, with internet. My huuuge apologies for not getting all of the past 3 posts up sooner–life’s been a little crazy.

The plane ride to Frankfurt went without a hitch, but after that, it was like God was telling me not to go back to America. I had to leave the security area in Frankfurt and switch airlines, but because I had to switch airlines, I didn’t have a boarding pass for my Frankfurt->Philadelphia flight. So I had to go to the check-in desk, which, conveniently, was being sniffed by drug/bomb dogs in a police-taped off area. So I had to wait for that. And then in a long line that was confusing. And then FINALLY I had my boarding pass, made it through security and got on the plane. Of course the guy sitting next to me had to smell bad. So that already put me in a GREAT mood, and then the flight was about 9 hours which I survived pretty well, and then we were about to land in Philadelphia when our pilot came on the intercom and told us that due to bad weather, we had to land in Syracuse and refuel, then go back to Philly. Not so bad, I thought. Incorrectly. We sat in Syracuse for 3.5 hours waiting to get checked by customs and re-fueled, so that by the time we arrived in Philadelphia (around 6pm), my connection flight to RDU was already IN RDU, and I was most certainly not on it. So, I was stuck in Philly. And by that time, I was really really hungry, had a headache, and had been awake for 20 hours. Most of them in a plane.

On the bright side, I DID get my luggage back for the night. And the not-so-bright side, they couldn’t fly me out until Monday night at 9pm–over 29 hours after I was supposed to fly out. The other bright side was that Ali, my roommate for the past two years, is currently in Philadelphia doing Institute, the training for Teach for America. And I’d been in contact with her so that by the time I knew I’d be in Philly for a day, I knew I could stay with her. So I got my boarding pass for the flight the next day, took my stuff and hopped on a train to around where Ali was staying in the dorms at Temple University. After a little bit of confusion, we found each other, and it was icing on the cake of my Europe trip to be able to see The Ali.

I got home, went to sleep, and woke up at 4am to pack for living in Charlotte for two weeks, then got in the car my job rented for me at 6:30am and drove to Charlotte for work. Yesterday was EXTREMELY slow at the clinic (10 people the whole day), but I liked the office-workers, the environment, the people. Everyone has been really nice (surprisingly to me) in Charlotte. After work I succeeded in obtaining my key and finding the apartment complex I am living in for the two weeks I’m here. It’s okay…I suppose a nice apartment. But I have to share a room…which I’m never a fan of. It is, however, about 5 minutes from the clinic I’m working at–that is something I’m a HUGE fan of. It’s a really weird area–driving to work, the entire last 3/4 of the mile or 2 is doctor’s offices of every kind–plastic surgery, foot doctors, OB-GYN–you name it, they’ve got it. I was looking at all the different clinic names today driving to work and thinking about what a joke it is–who needs so many different kinds of doctors all with their own private practices that I could just walk in and ask for something from?? Maybe that’s stupid–maybe we really need it. I just thought it seemed strange, I guess with so many in all the same place.

After work yesterday, I went out to dinner with David, my big bro, who’s birthday it was. It was quite nice and his roommate and another friend came with us–we had a lively conversation and it was a good time.

Today was a bit better at the clinic–still slow. But I don’t have to be at work until 9am, which is so so so so awesome (5 minutes away AND 9am???!). After work today I managed a trip to the grocery store without tooo much trouble and then talked to my friend Daniel in Germany (yay Skype!!). Really, I love Skype. It is one of the best inventions ever. It doesn’t save any lives (probably), but to be able to talk with someone half-way around the world for free for as long as you want–awesome.

Being still somewhat on European time, and with all the waiting I did today, I’m pretty beat. But…hopefully I’ll be updating regularly. I’ve maybe found an apartment in the City, we’ll see. My love to all–