The Resort

Have you ever taken a cruise? I bet if you really like drinking, it’s a great experience. But as anyone who’s ever tried to get me to go out knows, I’m not a huge fan in general, but only socially with people I really like and trust. Needless to say, that’s not the case here.

The resort I’m staying at has the feeling I think a cruise would have. It is beautiful. That’s for sure. But it’s also creepy, probably way more so because I was just in the real world yesterday morning. The difference is just striking. And though I feel “safe” in this world, it feels so intentional, not in a good way.

I did get myself a really fantastic massage yesterday, and the beach was beautiful for a few minutes. I suppose if I were here with a bunch of friends, it would be fun to have this contained environment that you know is relatively safe and unlimited alcoholic beverages. I can see that. But it’s totally not what I’m into right now.

Additionally, when I checked in yesterday, they couldn’t guarantee me a room tonight or tomorrow. So, I got in touch with Natacha’s friend, who is on his way to pick me up to go visit La Vega! So I get to see it after all. This has been quite the eventful trip. My body hurts so much! I’ve been way more active than I usually am….or maybe just lately. But that’s been kind of awesome actually.

So, unexpectedly kind of an awesome trip. It’s certainly got me out of the day-to-day grind of things. I’ve recharged a little. But it also makes me want to travel more! Well-timed, since I have Europe to look forward to.


Happy Shannon