The Real DR

I was rescued from the horrible resort crazyness by my friend’s friend. We went to another smaller beach for lunch, with this view:

Then we drove through incredible, breath-taking views on both sides–tropical mountains–seriously. I could not believe how incredible it was to drive through. Just miles of palm trees, falling and rising mountains.

We stopped to get some chicharon, which is cooked/fried pork:

Playing Guitar
Super delicious!

We arrived in La Vega, and it was already night; we went to a house party at a friend of his place, a group of musicians he made a video for and their friends. It was so perfect, like, exactly what I would’ve planned if I could have. Everyone was very nice, they made some ribs and wings, as well as corn on the grill. I got to chat with several different people, and even played some guitar!!

I very much enjoyed myself. Got to chat a little about my work, and speaking Spanish, etc. Buena gente (good people).

Today, we’re going to the pyramid–built by the dictator Trujillo about 50 years ago. So. Off I go!! More adventures–but better ones :-D. It also appears I may be able to get some music from this trip, which is…brilliant.