Sickest sick of my life

So, I’ve been told before that I complain a lot about my illnesses. But seriously, this one takes the cake. Firstly, let me note that I’ve added some more pictures, this time of the Michoacan trip. They’re mostly pretty and not particularly interesting, but it’ll let you see a little of what we saw, and it really was so incredible. So yeah. About the sickness.

I thought I’d be relaxing on Monday, and I was wrong–unfortunately, I made a grave mistake in agreeing to eat some kind of plant that Juanita & Kiko assured me would be safe. Needless to say, it did not sit well with me and Tuesday night at around 11pm I started throwing up. That continued until Wednesday at 2pm, but only because the Doctor gave me some sort of injection. I’m not sure what it was–at that point I didn’t care. I just wanted to stop throwing up. So now it’s Thursday at 5pm here and I’ve eaten some ceral, fruit, a cookie, two 500mL of Pedialyte, and drinken some water in the last two days. So I’m still recovering. I’ve been watching The Office, which has kept me in good spirits, and I’ve talked to some people back home. I’m actually enjoying the excuse to just do nothing, so it’s really not that bad.

Anyway, hope all of you are better than I am in health. I have never been more thankful to live in a pharmacy. Seriously lucky.