This week has been pretty crazy–staring a new job, I did a bunch of stuff after work socially, which was great, and I went on 2 dates. The first few days of work were somewhat lame…I got to sit in on the Peer Education class I’ll be teaching the first day but the rest of the day was fairly mundane–I just read different curriculum about the Peer Ed and Sex Ed. Wednesday was about the same. Thursday I did a bit more work on new HIV curriculum for elementary schoolers. Friday is when things got exciting–Katie (the other VISTA who has been working there) came and introduced me to some of the teachers in the school who were more than happy to allow me to come teach some classes next week…so I learned that Tuesday I’ll be able to help with their class & watching the inauguration, then Wednesday & Thursday I’ll be able to teach whatever I want as far as Pregnancy Prevention, and I’m planning on doing a lesson on self-esteem and goal-setting as well as relationships and information about birth control. This is what got me totally psyched, particularly the fact that the other teachers really agreed that the problem of teenage pregnancy is multi-faceted. Who knows if I’ll be able to make a difference…but I can at least try.

Wednesday night I went ice skating with my roommate, Maria, which was nice. It was a lot of fun and good exercise. Thursday I watched the Carolina game with my friend and fellow Carolina Alumnus, Ryan…Friday I went on Date #1, which was alright…the guy was nice, I was fairly unimpressed though. I realized that I can have a good time with anyone…but that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to see them again or hang out with them again. I think, as narcissistic as it sounds, I really like it when people are impressed by me. I mean, duh, I guess…it makes you feel good about yourself, right? But that gets old. I like people in the longer term who challenge me and who make me think about myself in a new way. Date #2 was a step up but similar…nice but nothing to write home about. They’re nice distractions, but life is too short for too much distraction, right? I’m all about finding someone who I really connect with…but anyone who I don’t, I have to fess up to that fact and move on (which is sometimes hard for me). Whatevs. My job is awesome, life is good :-D.