Puerto Plata & Plan Formation

I don’t have much time, because I’m trying to wake up super early and get to the 27 Chargos (that did not happen today). But I want to briefly share plans for tomorrow. This blog is ending up serving several purposes: 1) help me remember what I do 2) help update people an assure them of my safety 3) hopefully enjoyable to review/look at photos.

I spoke with both my parents today (god bless Skype and wifi), and everyone, them included, seems more concerned about my safety than I’ve ever seen any of my friends and family. I will save a post on my thoughts about safety for a later date, but I fully intend to write something about the insanity and purposeless of worry about “safety,” and what an illusive and imaginary thing it is, really at all times–a part of privilege that was busted by the Newtown shooting. Much of what I want to say is touched on in this post, including, particularly,

Adam Lanza killed 26 people; he destroyed the lives of many, but he also put in jeopardy the dreams and fallacies that led many to the suburbs. He put the allure and meaning of whiteness in jeopardy….
The “it’s suppose to happen” in inner-city communities reframe is not surprising. Places like Columbine, Aurora, and Newtown exist because of the fear-industrial complex. The white middle-class flocked from cities into the suburbs and rural communities partially due to fear of black and Latino youth, integrated schools, and urban crime. The continuously deployed the narrative of “it’s not suppose to happen in Newtown” and their neighborhoods mirroring “American family’s dream” embodies this entrenched belief. The efforts to imagine Holmes and Lanza as good kids turned evil, to scour the earth for reasons and potential solutions, works to preserve the illusion of safety, the allure of white suburbia, and the power of whiteness.

Again, to be re-visited. Regardless, I plan on going to 27 Chargos tomorrow. Alone. I am going to try adventuring on a GuaGua, which is the local bus. It should be a dollar (!), and then something for the tour of the waterfalls. But this is all assuming that I can get a plastic bag so that I will be able to bring my phone/camera. Because let’s be real. I’m going nowhere without my precious.

The following day, I’m planning on doing a full day horseback riding trip (chaperoned) through the Isabel de Torres National park. They have full day rides, so that eats my day Friday, and then it’ll be the weekend! I think I’ll stay where I am one more night, since it’s super cheap, and then I’ll head to Playa Dorada to experience beaches and resort-style living. There are some all-inclusive places that are in the $100 range which I gulp at, but it includes food and activities, and is right basically on the beach, which is allegedly beautiful. Then I’ll head back to Santiago for my last night.

I could’ve benefited from some planning, but what the heck? It’s certainly been more interesting this way. A few photos of the ride here, for your perusal.


And finally, my hostel: