Man, Life is Boring!

I mean that in a good way. Things are just…keeping on keeping on. Seriously, nothing exciting, but all good things! Improv, work, sleep, some running, a little baking…it’s all good! Trying to actually make a concerted effort to make more food instead of eating out, so maybe if I keep doing that consistently, I’ll actually have some more money! Wouldn’t that be lovely??

Planning my trip to Europe, also going (for work) to Portland and Washington, DC in November, both of which I am super excited about. I get to do presentations and travel a little, go to conferences (which will be awesome! Love conferences!) and just…shake things up, you know? And then hopefully DR in January, then Europe for 3 friggin’ weeks in April/May, which, seriously, I can’t even begin to explain how I excited I am about. THREE WEEKS!! OF NO WORK, and just, traveling! Photos! Fun! Stories! Blogging! Friends! Carefree-ness! Ugh cannot wait.

So there you go. I’m a little frustrated because I was planning on taking a class on Mondays, but that seems to not have worked out; the class was cancelled. Lame. I’m trying to look at it as an¬†opportunity¬†to explore other options, and maybe I’ll start actually applying for school. I am feeling a little antsy, as I do this time of year, when I realize it’s the longest time from when I could possibly start school, and also the time when I’d have to apply for school if I want to go in a year, which I never know it I do. Anyway, that’s what’s up on my side of the world. Like I say. Pretty boring. But excellent :-).