Louisville to Missouri

We’re on Day 3 of our cross-country road trip. Last night, Julie and I arrived in Louisville at 10pm, at the affordable farm house her sister just recently moved into. We were both exhausted, so we went to sleep pretty quickly.

This morning, I was able to contact an old friend, Cathy, who lived with me and my mom when I was 14, and meet up with her at her work for her 30 minute break. It was nice to see her and get to catch up randomly. And, really, that’s what this trip is all about for me. Taking things as they come. Practicing relaxing in stressful situations.

We left a bit late because we met up with a couple more of Julie’s friends kind of at the last minute, but we should still get to Springfield (the stopping area of choice due to time constraints and our desire to camp). I kind of wanted to meet up with my cousin in Columbia, MO, but it’s too far out of the way. This is unfortunately not a leisurely trip. Anyway, we just stopped at walmart (thanks, walmart iphone app!!) to pick up an extra sleeping bag, camping supplies and food. I drove all morning, so I’m super-exhausted. But I’ll keep you updated. The scenery has been lots of corn, flat. Getting a bit more interesting now, but West Virginia was way prettier. That’s all for now!