Leaving…on a jet plane!

Well, probably not. And I definitely DO know when I’ll be back again. But anyway…

I’m leaving today for Europe. And I really mean that, because I’m going to 7 different countries in 2 weeks. Crazy I know. So, here’s the plan:

Today, I fly up to Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love, and hang out there for 4 hours, the fly out at 6pm (though I’m gonna try and think of it as 12am…) to Rome, Italy (Country Number 1). I will arrive there at around 3am Eastern time, 9am Italian time. So that’s when my day starts. I have a hostel booked, but I have NO idea what I’m doing…so who knows!

I’m gonna try and make it to the Vatican (Country #2) while I’m there…so that’s an easy extra country…I’ll be in Rome until Tuesday afternoon, when I’m flying out to Prague, Czech Republic (Country #3) to visit Gabi, the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. She’s from the Czech Republic, but after 2 days we’re going to where she lives now, Vienna, Austria (Country #4). While in Prague, though, I’m meeting up with a friend of mine (hopefully), Matt. We’ve known each other since 6th grade, and randomly discovered we’d be in or around Prague at exactly the same time.

I’ll only be in Vienna for a day, then take a train? or something on Friday to Munich, Germany (Country #5) to meet up with Jonas, who will be there for the summer, and Daniel, who’s coming allllll the way from Stuttgart to visit me :-D. I fly out of Munich Monday morning and into Alicante, Spain (Country #6)!!! There, I will see Patricia and visit her home town of Lorca (in Southern Spain, East coast). Hopefully I will have plenty of time on the beach to make up for not getting to go here in the States…I fly out of Alicante eeeearly Thursday morning to make my way up to Gothenburg, Sweden (Country #7) to see Hans!! I have no idea what we’re doing there. From there, I’m headed back to Chapel Hill for the last 3 weeks of my summer before moving to NYC.

I cannot WAIT to see all of my friends, plus all the new places. I hope that gives a good layout of my plan…I use the word “plan” lightly–my motto on this trip is to plan only what I need to, and let the rest fall into place. I’m sure you’ll hear about how that works out :-).

Well, I’m off to finish up my packing (I did most of it on THURSDAY, believe it or not–that’s WAY ahead of time in my world).

Much much love,