Last for a few days…

I just wanted to let you all know the plan for the week, as I’ll probably not be able to write again for a while.

We’re going to a community tomorrow called Pipila, then Jaranillio or something similar for Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m hoping to ge a heap of my interviews done (I did one today when we were in Pipila for a few hours).

We have tons of new doctors again. The students were exhausted today after they went to Guanajuato last night. I stayed here in Juventino because a) there wasn’t room in the van and b) it was my dad’s last night. So me and the host family took my dad to the airport today. It was weird to have him leave and to be staying here or almost a month more…my mom comes on Friday–I’m really excited about getting to show her around and I think i will be really fun to have her here.

Anyway, my plan for this week is communities, dancing at Kiko and Juanita’s on Monday and Wedneday, Thursday we go to Leon to have lunch with the Padre’s mother, then see the greatest mariachi band in Mexico (so also in the world), and Friday my mom comes, along with a ride to Irapuato, where my computer is stuck. Anyway, it’ll be a good week. Full as usual.

Today the chicas (girls) went to the bachelorette party of Juanita and Kiko’s daughter, Claudia. It was much shorter than we’d imagined (happily surprised) with zero alcohol, also a surprise considering the Juanita is the biggest tequila-pusher I’ve ever met in my life, but it was equally as rique as I imagine bachelorette parties in the states to be (minus male strippers that may or may no be a part of that…). Anyway, it was much more underwhelming than I’d thought…really the first fiesta I’ve been disappointed by. But whatever. I get to go to the wedding, and I have a feeling THAT will be incredible.

Well I need to get to bed, considering I’ve got to wake up in about 6 hours and start this crazy (once again) week…Lots of love to all.