It MIGHT be okay

I’m on the road, traveling on I-64 between Lexington, Kentucky toward Louisville to stay with my friend, Julie’s sister for the night. Tomorrow we head to Missouri tomorrow, though we’re not yet sure where we’ll be sleeping….probably a campsite somewhere. It’s a bit of a fly-by-the-seat-of-our pants endeavor. It’s all good though.

I found out on Thursday that had I not gotten my promotion, I would’ve been laid off, which my two coworkers are. I’m both extremely relieved and also scared out of my mind about the reality of there being just no promises in life. It’s also a reminder to go after what you want.

I started packing (which, really, meant doing laundry) Thursday night for this trip, then woke up early to finish packing everything on Friday morning. I hauled all my shit to work with me on the subway, and luckily it wasn’t too crowded on the commute; I think everyone took off to go to the beach or something. Anyway. I was at work for my last day both of my job and possibly of seeing my coworkers, in case they don’t stay with the organization, which is quite likely, at least for one of them. So I had to close out all of my patients, which is both a fair amount of paperwork and sort of emotionally draining, and also say goodbye to my coworkers. Then I had to haul all my shit to Brooklyn (Julie’s house, not mine). Then we drove one of Julie’s roommates to Jersey, after of course sitting around for a while, saying goodbyes, etc.

We also had to stop in South Jersey to say goodbye to one of Julie’s best friends, Jenna, who’s grandmother was in the hospital, so it took a fair amount of waiting. It was already about 10pm and I was tired, and we wanted to make it to DC to stay with Julie’s parents for the first night, where we were gonna have to pick up some more of Julie’s stuff.

So finally we left around 11pm and made it around 2:30am, at which point we crashed. In the morning, we went to breakfast with Julie’s mom and brother, which was nice, and then headed on our way.

We headed for Lexington, where we met up with friends of Julie’s (she went to school at University of Kentucky), and then now we’re headed to Louisville. More updates coming soon!