In Mexican time, 3am=3:30am…but it’s still before 7…

My adventure continues. So I added some more pictures, I’ll keep adding more, since I figured out how to do it–long and tedious at the internet cafe. But it’s worth it. Today was a good day–even though I had to get up early, we went back out to Llanos and had only three people, so we just hung out most of the day. We went back to the hacienda and played toss-the-rock, which took its toll on my hand (my thumb kinda hurts…) but was surprisingly fun. We lost the key to the van and Kiko had to bring us a spare one.

We had la comida (dinner) at Berna’s (one of the delegation)–a cook out to celebrate the 4th of July, which was nice. We played some guitar and sang, also home-y. It was a nice celebration, with plenty of gringos to compartir (share).

Then we went to Kiko & Juanita’s for la cena (after dinner) at 8pm. They were having their dance class, which I joined in on. It was so fun and I asked if I could come again–they have classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and she said I could. So I’m pretty psyched about that. Then we ate and hung out…good Mexican fun. I got to hold a 3 month old baby, Kiko & Juanita’s granddaughter who is so cute and was smiling at me…adorable.

So tomorrow we’re going to Michoacan, to a lake there and evidently 4-5 other places. The delegation has rented a 60 person bus for this excursion and we are leaving tomorrow at 3am. Yes, 3 in the morning, like the time we usually stay out dancing until on the weekends. What’s more, we’re leaving from the central jardin (garden) at 3am. I feel like that’s pretty sketchy. But we were talking to Juanita tonight and asked her if she REALLY meant 3am, because we know that Mexican time means at least 30 minutes later than stated. Plus it’s so early. So she conceded that 3:30 would be appropriate. Anyway, I’ve been promised that I’ll be able to ride a horse and our host family told us the lake and are is vale la pena (worth the pain). Plus it should be crazy–60 people in a bus? Mexicans and gringos voyage? Yeah. It’ll be awesome. So, I’ll take lots of pictures and make sure to update soon (hopefully). Hasta!