I Needed This

Sorry it’s been a bit of a break since I’ve written. Been having too much in-the-moment fun!!

I really do need trips like this. To remind myself that I don’t need much at all to be happy. That stuff is really not very important, or at least only a very little bit of it is. I feel so alive and human. It is so refreshing and beautiful to realize I have some incredibly generous friends who are willing to open up their homes to me, and share a few days of life. It’s a reminder of the amazing things in life. Awesome.

I’m currently in the car with my friend Cayley and her friend Nikki & HER friend, going to Graz, Nikki’s home town. Since I last left you, I celebrated Vappu (Labor Day) in the park in Helsinki with Nicole & her friends, which meant drinking champagne and eating lots of food, including doughnuts and potato salad. Then I headed to Budapest to meet up with Cayley and we got pizza and discussed world issues with radler (best drink ever!! Beer with lemonade/sprite/grapefruit juice, etc). Then we got on a bus and came to Vienna, where we wandered around and stayed with a friend of hers last night. And now we’re headed to Graz because that’s where Nikki’s from, and going to a vineyard that Cayley says is beautiful and definitely worth seeing.

And that’s about it! I’m enjoying the warmth and beauty here, and Budapest was interesting and cheap! At least compared to Finland and Sweden. Even Vienna was relatively inexpensive.

Vineyards of Austria, here I come!