How to Enjoy Being Stuck on a Train

Real life!! Sometimes you get stuck in a train that for whatever reason, has decided to stop moving. Lesson #1: it’s more fun to be stuck on a train when you anthropomorphize the train. this is true of many things, but also of trains. It’s just having a little trouble today. Running a little sluggishly.

Usually there’s some kind of bullshit explanation that your actual conductor will provide. For example, “There is a power failure downtown.” Thanks, dude! That was super helpful at assisting in my survival for the next hour (let’s hope not…). I think my next lesson is much more helpful. Lesson #2: Ensure your smartphone battery is 100% charged going in. This could be also enhanced by a backup battery, which I have ordered. Conveniently, I followed this advice today, and I’m still at 95% as of this moment. This is something to be grateful for (Lesson #3: find small things to be grateful for). Other things to be grateful for? I have a seat. I am not pregnant. That one for do many reasons, but I feel like being stuck on a train pregnant would suck. And I’d probably have a panic attack that I was going to give birth in the train.

Unfortunately, I have not followed all previously learned lessons, because Lesson #5 is bring food. Always. And I do not have food with me today. Cough drops, yes. Real food? Sitting in my fridge.

Lesson #6: Blog. This is a new one, so maybe it should be noted as *possible* lesson. Seems prudent, perhaps even a good use of time. Maybe?

And look at that! We’re moving.

And I’m sure I’m boring you. But one more. Lesson #7: listen to shitty pop music. This one is sure to delight, even a hungry, tired Shannon. Night, y’all!!