Familiar Faces

It’s been a while–things have been a bit crazy. I arrived in Prague yesterday around 5pm with little difficulty. My last bit in Rome was not particularly great–I got up and wanted to go to the Colisseum, so I checked out of the hostel, locked my bags up at the train station, and headed over to the Colisseum. But the ticket line was so long that I ended up having to leave and go over to the train station before I’d gotten to go to the Colisseum, the Roman Forum or Palentine Hill. So…I took the train back to the airport, etc etc. Gabi & Jonas picked me up from the airport and it was SO NICE to see people I know. We took a train and metro back to the center of Prague and checked into our hostel here, which was sooo much nicer than the Rome hostel. There are like, sheets that go over the blankets, and even though it’s a bit old, it’s nice.

I like Prague…we walked around the old city today and shopped, ate lunch, etc. Last night we met up with my friend, Matt, and the group of people he is in Europe with. We went to a couple different bars…it was fun, and very cool to see Matt & friends over here…kind of crazy for sure.

Tomorrow, we’re going to see Charles’ Bridge + a CASTLE!! It’s gorgeous, from what I’ve seen so far. In the afternoon, Gabi’s dad will drive us back to Vienna, where we’ll spend the night, and then I’m still trying to figure out when I’m going to Germany. Plans have changed a little…I think I might go over to Stuttgart to visit Daniel and then going to catch my flight out of Munich Monday morning. I’m still working it out exactly what I’m doing…

Thoughts on Europe–I like it, but it’s not really exactly what I expected. I’m not even sure what I expected anyway. But it’s pretty, and the cities are so cool and old…I think Prague is more beautiful than Rome, but the Czech definitely makes things different than being surounded by Italian because I cannot understand it at all (hardly). Let’s just say I’m super glad I’m with Gabi. Although I haven’t talked to anyone who didn’t speak English. More than anything, it’s nice to see Gabi and Jonas, and I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone else. I think it will also be cool to meet peoples’ parents…definitely different than what I’ve been doing so far, and in a good way I think. Though I am glad I’ve had the opportunity to stay in hostels too, because I think it’s a pretty essential part of the Europe traveling experience…

I’m really exhausted, I think still from walking around the Vatican (and those 551 steps), and then walking yesterday and today around Prague. I think tonight we’re gonna lay low and basically just relax. I need to wash some clothes, and maybe even take a nap…? That would be nice.

I’ve had a lot of fun though hanging out with Gabi and Jonas, making fun of the way they say “creps” (which sounds JUST like “crap” with a German accent…), which we’ve eaten twice already…we found this restaurant that has AWESOME creps…Today Gabi got a raspberry one, Jonas got a strawberry and vanilla ice cream one, and I got a chocolate and coconut crep (does it have an s?). Anyway, they were all incredible.

So far, the best things have been seing my friends and not having a real schedule. I’ve done a lot, but I’ve also tried to not MAKE myself do anything. Especially because I know that there is just too much to do, and if I try to do it all, I will fail and be way more exhausted. So I’m doing what I can without stressing myself out. It’s been good. Well I’m off to wash things…Much love to all!