Email messages called “I miss you much, spirit fingers” are junk mail.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated–I guess I’m not that good at realizing when I’ll be able to update soon and when I won’t. But whatever. So Thursday we went to visit the Padre’s mom in Leon. We left around 9am and ate a sort of brunch at her house–it was pretty delicious. We got to go to some of the jardins in Leon, one that was beautiful and one that turned out to be a mall, so I got to shop a little bit. I found some nice tops, which as exciting. The mall was like being taken to the US–very American. Although at this point I guess I’m used to things here seeming really familiar.

When we got back, I went for a run and then was invited to the movies with my host familiy. They have a very different way of going to the movies–instead of looking online or in the paper at what movies are playing where and at what times, they just go to the theater (which is about 20 minutes away in Celaya, though there is one in Juventino) and look at which movies are playing when, and if it’s not to their liking (the first theater wasn’t), they go to a different one. So we ended up at a theater about 10 minutes before the Fantastic Four–Silver Surfer began, so we went to that. It was dubbed in Spanish, which I expected, but I was still pretty proud that I understood what was going on for probably 95% of the movie. The other parts were minimal too–I really got the gest of it (though it wasn’t a particularly complex plotline…).

Friday I got up and went to pick up my computer and mommy! I was very excited to get the computer back, as well as see my mom. We came back and immediately got dropped off at a party for the delegation that the students (and me) were “hosting”–food, a band, dancing–quite fun. I think mom enjoyed it and I was impressed with her ability to relax and enjoy the people and atmosphere.

Yesterday we went to Guanajuato and stayed for the night. It was nice to have my mom get to meet all the students, especially since Lorene left today. We all went out in Guanajuato one last time and Lorene and one of the doctors and her sons left today. It’ll be interesting to see how the students get along without Lorene, but I’m not going to the community today, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out how they do. I’m pretty exhausted from last night–we were out dancing until 4am…so I’m going to go take a nap before we go to dinner at my host mom’s family’s house (hopefully), which I’m really excited about sharing with my mom. Also–I’m finally able to put up pictures (still slow…) so there are some new ones, to both the albums that are already up and I added one from Pozos.