Don’t leave your lights on

OH, blogger…you obnoxious interface…So I had a beginning written. Promise. And then when I inserted a picture, it got erased. So here’s a synopsis. I took my mom’s dog, Jenny, for a run on Wednesday. Here’s what she looks like:

Unfortunately, I discovered this to be a mistake. You see, Jenny is still more or less a puppy, and she’s very energetic (hence the needing to go for a run….), and she doesn’t really know how to run with someone yet (though she’s gotten better). So she was on my left side and then ran behind me and as I was thinking that it was probably a good idea to be able to see her at all times…..she ran around to my right side and managed to wrap the leash around my right foot, and I tripped quite hard. So my right knee got pretty well torn up, and I scraped up my shin, ankle, shoulder and skinned both of my palms, as well as bruised my hip pretty well. It was not fun. Less fun was walking home, which took about 15 minutes, and I had the dog with me. She is lucky to be unharmed. Anyway, a week later, my knee is finally starting to more or less heal. It still hurts to walk on a bit, but I’m trying to get over it.

Out of the boonies (sort of) now, I’ve arrived in Durham (well, commuting). Siler City ended well, and Durham has been a complete change of pace. It’s busier, but I’ve had fewer real conversations with people, so that’s different. I am working with one of the other students who just finished her first year in medical school, Fatima. She has been nice, and we’re learning how to work together. But both of us have been more or less bored for the majority of the day. The most frustrating part is that you can be working on something to stave of boredom–reading, looking at blogs, whatever the case may be–and then in the middle of that, you have to get up and go approach someone. It’s not horrible. Just annoying.

The week has been eventful, not completely in a good way. Sunday evening I went with my friends Jesse, JD and Gage to visit Ali, my former roommate, in her hometown of Warrenton, NC (about 1 hour and 15 minutes North of Chapel Hill). I knew that it would make life hard on Monday morning, but it was also the last time I would be able to see Ali and probably the others as well for quite some time. So it was worth it. But because of the trip, I got about 3.5 hours of sleep Sunday night and woke up Monday morning exhausted. I drove to work, got there on time with everything I needed and the morning went just fine. I went to lunch with Fatima and as we were walking by my car, I thought that it looked like maybe my lights were on…so I checked. And yes, I had left them on and yes, my battery was dead. Now, for those of you know don’t know, I have had quite some trouble with my battery–I have a history of leaving the lights on and killing it, and the last time it happened (Ali), we couldn’t jumpstart it. So I was worried. But after work, Fatima and I attempted to jump start Coche with her car…and it failed. So I had to call AAA who, despite my not having my card, was able to send someone to start the car. Yay AAA! But it did take them an hour to come, so by the time I got home, it was a few minutes after 6 (and I had gotten to work at 7:15, leaving home at 7am).

When I got home Monday night, I wanted to work on some paper work for my current job (stuff for housing) and for VISTA in NYC since the woman who hired me called and sent an email to us with some forms for proving we’re citizens, getting tickets to come to the city, etc. One form for each I had to print out, sign, and scan back into the computer. I went to turn on my computer…and the screen didn’t wake up. So I tried to restart it, to no avail. I called Applecare and talked to them for an hour, concluding that I needed to erase my hard drive and reinstall the operating system. Awesome. Second time in a year. At least my computer still recognized that I HAVE a hard drive this time. So I did that, which also took for-ever (1.5 hours..~), bringing us to 8:30. Except that it didn’t quite finish, and I had to restart it. So I went to bed before it had finished. Anyway, I was exhausted and sick of dealing with obnoxious stuff, things breaking.

Tuesday, I wanted to take my computer to the Apple store because it had stopped working AGAIN during the day Tuesday (I brought it to work and re-loaded a bunch of stuff from my external hard drive), but I tried to cleverly find directions to Southpoint Mall from the clinic I am at in Durham, and took a wrong turn which landed me in Hillsborough. Hillsborough is NOT Southpoint (in case you were wondering…). In getting back to Chapel Hill, I somehow went the wrong way again, which I realized because I saw the exit for the clinic, and I was passing by it heading AWAY from Chapel Hill. So I again did not get home until 6, at which point I was exhausted and frustrated to say the least. My lovely mother fixed me some dinner, and then I went to babysit for the last time for one of the wonderful families I’ve had the pleasure of working for in the past year. It was definitely sad to say goodbye, though I also really feel like it is time to move on from the babysitting phase. I have enjoyed it, learned a lot, and think I’ll be a better mother, and am a better person, for having done it. But time to move on.

Speaking of which, I finally got the date that I will be moving to New York City! I start my new job in AmeriCorps (though I’m still not sure what that will be exactly) on August 18th and I’m planning on moving up there the 14th/15th. So I am extremely excited, as well as nervous. It should be the adventure of adventures! I am looking forward to being in a place where everyone wants to visit, and I hope I will have many many guests over my year there :-). Anyway, this is getting long. So I should probably wrap it up. Until next time–