Don’t get your hair cut in a foreign country.

Sometimes I have really dumb ideas. Today was one of those days.

Working in the community was great yesterday and then I went to the students’ house and we hung out and it was really fun. So that was all well and good. Today we went to Jaralillo and I got to drive, which was awesome. It was especially awesome because we got to got back to Pozos (one of the earlier communities, if you don’t remember) and look at this guy’s leg that has been infected for 7 years. Doctors just…don’t know what it is. So since we have an Infectious Diseases specialist here from Duke (no hard feelings…almost), he took a look a the guy.

He had this lesion on the back of his knee…it was really gross and awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion, though we were really not able to solve his problem at all. It was cool to go back to Pozos too.

So after that we headed back to Juventino for a rato (little bit) and got some ice cream, sat in the jardin (garden) and then in a little cafe. Then I made the most disastrous decision of my life.

I should probably preface the explanation by saying that I have been just dying to get my hair cut for the entire time I’ve been here, over a month now, and that I had wanted to get it cut before I came, but couldn’t because I like to procrastinate. So I told myself, “if this one beauty shop is open, I will FINALLY get my hair cut because I actually have some time now.” So it was open. I asked her for my same cut but shorter, thinking she would follow my directions. She gave me a Mexican cut (ridiculous layers) and really short bangs–I pointed to my cheekbone, she cut them (wet) to my eyes, then did lots of fancy thinning to it to make most of it even shorter, but just enough long that it is still obnoxious. Obviously this part has not changed (the bangs). But after the mexican-layer-cut, I asked if she would cut it a little more the same length. I should have recognized now, thanks to the bangs mistake, that when I said shorter, she thought SHORTER. But I didn’t. I thought showing her a picture would help. Anyway, after the whole process, I have nearly no hair. I almost cryed, or at the end, ripped the scissors out of her hand. But I was patient, gave her a nice tip, and came home and showered and made the most of it. The hair is actually not HORRIBLE…just short. Pixie-like. The bangs make me want to scream. So…I’m stuck with it. Maybe I’ll like it in a week…or 8…my hair does grow pretty fast…But for now I am stuck looking like a boy (or emphasis on my round face at the very least).

So that’s the update. I guess I was just kidding about the not writing for a while last time. Remains to be seen this time.

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