Crazy Weekend

So, this weekend started out a little rocky. I went to an after work function to say goodbye to a coworker and ended up getting terribly sick, despite having only 2 drinks (and a shot). That horror lasted through all day Saturday, partially continued by the failure to stop throwing up, and inability to keep down water. I eventually got down some Pedialyte and saltines. Not so fun.

I also left my cell phone in the cab on the way home from the said work function. But it was returned to me (!!) because a fellow New Yorker and iPhoner discovered it, returned my call, and provided an opportunity for retrieval. It was pretty magical. That part is seriously amazing. I basically felt like yesterday was a real adventure in my path to adulthood. I was sick, and totally took care of myself, with a few people around to help out a bit (but really, not anyone else taking responsibility for me). I’m still a little freaked out by feeling like my body just kind of lost it, but other than that, it feels just…lucky. And I’m relieved to feel back to normal(ish).

I also moved into the room in our apartment with a closet and its own bathroom. So I now have my own bathroom for the first time in 4 years, which, actually, is thrilling. I feel so much more adult! And my desk area is much nicer. Maybe I’ll even get a realer chair. There is a lot less light and a bit less air, but I think for me, it is preferable overall. Nothing is perfect, right? Life: all about trade offs.

I am super excited about an improv show on Friday, and many more to come.