Bon Iver Makes Me Contemplative

My goodness. I hadn’t thought anything of this Bon Iver fellow, and his ubiquitous (at least among middle class, young white people) music. Then I listened to “Towers” with the video and was sucked in. So I bought his first album, “For Emma, Forever Ago,” and I am paralyzed by where it takes me. Sometimes music just does this thing, right, where it takes you somewhere. You lose power to decide where you are, emotionally, because whatever you’re feeling gets hijacked by the music’s emotion. That is Bon Iver.

I am kind of loving it though–I feel contemplative, it’s ruminating, complex, but also simple. It has this sadness intertwined with bits of hope and there’s something sort of strangely uplifting about it. Haunting, but uplifting. Ok, I know I sound like a total tool, but I am going, “oh. This is why people like this dude.”.

That’s all for now. Bon Iver. Listen, if you are living under a rock like me and have yet to experience the intensity.