Big Time News

So, I have avoided this update because I am so sad about it, but it is necessary. The family I was talking to in Germany fell through.

Now, I have been saying to people, “I’m not going to Germany!!” but that may not be entirely true. Actually, it’s wholly not true. Because at the very least, I’ll be there for 2 weeks within the next year. But it’s even more not true because I have been talking to several other families. Not that anything is guaranteed to work out, but I’ve been in contact with SEVERAL other families, both in Germany and also in Austria, and I have Gabi, my dearest friend on the ground, whose friend’s boss is pregnant and needs an au pair starting in October or November…! So I sent her a little letter and my resume and hopefully we will be speaking sometime this week.

Also, I interviewed at the Center* for a position, and I’ve all but gotten it (though I’ve learned about counting my chickens……); So at this point I could stay here. But in knowing that I have that possibility, and talking to people about it and realizing that it’s actually a pretty decent job, but I am super unexcited about it, I know that I MUST go. As I say, I’m a goer not a stayer. Some family situation WILL work out in Austria or Germany. I just need to be diligent. But it’s sort of weird, having made that decision, realizing that I just really won’t be happy staying in New York with what is here for me right now (including everything from job prospects to social support).

All of that being said, I’m trying to enjoy this last bit of time here in New York. I had a pretty laid-back weekend; saw my old friend John for a bit and hung out with new friend/roommate Scott quite a lot. It was actually quite a nice weekend, relaxed. And I’m meeting someone I have been in contact with through Couch Surfing, which I plan on utilizing a lot while I’m abroad, today. An Italian guy, so that should be nice. I’m excited about meeting people through Couch Surfing, because I think such interesting, worldly people are on it. So…coolness! Aside from my little blip of being sad about my plans going through, life is good and back on track.

*Names have been changed